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Sunday, October 13, 2002

Paradigms of communication

Communication is nothing more than influence. How we communicate can have a profound effect on the way we influence others around us.

Keys to communicating effectively:

  • Communicate based on common knowledge - Common sense is not common to everyone. Relaying a common heritage builds a foundation between you and the listener that gives you credibility.
  • Bridge the past to the present - This is another way of saying identify with the listener. Mutual identity brings out positive growth.
  • Pose questions - do not accept status quo; challenge your listener to think.
  • Make connections to the others' way of thinking - be relatable to your audience. Know their culture and be able to connect in ways that resonate with the listener.
  • Supporting research is your friend -- use empirical data as a tool, not (just) a weapon. Let the experts in a given field do the heavy lifting for you, and then apply it to your own circumstances.

Positive affects of persuasion:

  • Clarity of purpose - Knowing the "what" or the "why" gives direction and understanding.
  • Orientation to mobility - when listeners clearly understand a concept, task or initiative, they are naturally biased toward action.
  • Repeatability - If your team knows what is expected of them, and they do it, the momentum will be irresistable to others.


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