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Saturday, May 10, 2003

Hard truths about change initiatives

Meaningful change is hard work. Bringing vision to an organization is no small task. Because change is such an essential part of growth, it is important to know the what and why change.

Here then is a short list of key components to bringing effective change:

  • It's all about you - if you can't communicate the need for change, you will be hard pressed to implement it
  • It's not about you - people have to want to change; it is about tapping into one's internal motivations
  • Without a vision the people perish - if they can't see it, they won't believe it
  • You must train them or trade them - equip them or let them go
  • Change initiatives take time - small wins develop momentum, and help get you to the big goals. Further, the "big goals" must be broken down into small, measurable, tangible milestones to be adopted and integrated into the culture
  • Change initiatives require a change in perspective - first the change agent, then the team, have to see things from another view to fully appreciate the need for change
  • Change initiatives require people skills - emotional intelligence is key

Meaningful change is not easy! It insists upon ruthless dedication. And it demands commitment from all parties to be successful.

But meaningful change is possible. Change is inescapable. It is inevitable, even in stagnant organizations. And when one embraces meaningful change, growth comes along for the ride. Ownership, commitment and investment are the calling cards of successful change and inevitable growth that results.


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