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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things we can all learn from American Idol

Only seven Now almost ten years strong, American Idol is a reality show producer's dream come true: hire some "talent" to officiate finding new, fresh, "talent"; let the viewer decide the outcome of the talent show; charge advertisers through the nose to sell their stuff to the people watching and wishing they could be so lucky as to be humiliated in front of millions of viewers when they find out they just don't have the chops.

Just in case you think you're the next internationally-acclaimed talent du jour, here is a cautionary tale. Don't forget you don't need a stage in front of 44 million people to have influence.

  • Not everyone can sing/play in a band/produce a film/bake a cake and earn millions for it. Get over it.
  • Some people's talent is judging others' talent. Use your powers for good and not evil.
  • You can get by on name recognition alone, and not talent. But you may need plastic surgery to do it.
  • Sometimes the wisdom of the crowd speaks truer words than you do. Or sings them better.
  • Sometimes the wisdom of the crowds is nothing more than fickle lemmings who didn't like your outfit.
  • You won't always win. Show grace and aplomb; you may yet get that sweetheart deal.
  • Creativity can make or break you. Sometimes in the same moment. Own your decisions, whether the judges (or critics) love you or pan you.
  • People are fickle. They love you one week and hate you the next. Rise above.



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