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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Primal Leadership Styles

Ultimately it is all about the results. If you cannot show bottom line value, the resistance you will likely encounter to either your credibility — or your checkbook — when it comes time to ask for a budget increase could be significant.

The business case for driving results through effective leadership is compelling: the primal leadership model does, in fact, demonstrate how leadership styles affect behavior, which in turn affect results.

The six leadership styles, as discussed by Goleman, reflect the varying nature of leadership, based on the environment and the business climate. Although there is no “wrong” style, several are far more effective over time than others.

The styles are as encapsulated as follows:

  • Commanding: “Do as I say.”
  • Visionary: “Come with me.”
  • Affiliative: “People come first.”
  • Democratic: “We all have an equal voice.”
  • Pacesetting: “I set high standards.”
  • Coaching: “Personal development is key.”
Knowing your team, the business climate, and the current situation takes emotional intelligence. To resonate in any circumstance requires a fluency of leadership style.


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