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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things we can all learn from Charlie Sheen

Celebrity. Icon. #winner. By turning a series of indelicate public conversations into a world record, few have stirred up the twitterverse like Charlie Sheen.

Chances are you haven't burned bridges with your employer in such a public fashion. Still, there are noteworthy takeaways from the train-wreck-cum-genius-marketing-campaign that is Tiger Blood:

  • One person's #winning is another person's unemployment check

    It is a very unique individual who can get away with trash talking their employer and not collect unemployment. Not even an affluent, caucasian, privileged son of a celebrity can pull it off. So if you're going to publicly stick it to The Man, have a good backup plan. Forewarned is forearmed.

  • Make lemonade out of lemons

    Whatever cards you were dealt, you still have some plays you can make. The question is, how will you respond to adversity? Remember your attitude determines your outcome.

  • Don't forget where the lemons came from

    Sometimes the tragic circumstances of our lives are of our own making. You can only squeeze so much juice out of a bad situation, and some kinds of lemonade are just too tart.

  • Leverage your notoriety -- to a point.

    For most people, it can be difficult to see what the revenue play is when they flame out in a very public way. Don't let that stop you from making the most of a touchy situation. Just remember there's a short half life for cashing in on your foibles; the smart money is on folding early.
  • Turn your #fail into a #win

    John Maxwell teaches: if you're going to fail, fail forward. Or, if you're flat on your face, before you get back on your feet - pick something up! Ultimately, you control your own destiny.

  • Success != a life well-lived

    Today's achievements can be tomorrow's stumbling block. Being good at what you do doesn't necessarily translate to a legacy worth remembering. Your honor and integrity will be remembered longer than your name recognition.
Few have the opportunity to influence on a platform as public as the one Sheen has enjoyed of late. When your actions command attention, are you drawing the right kind?



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